Arabian Camels is a Web 3 brand that launched in 2021. The brand incorporates a $50M Hollywood Movie, a Play-to-Earn ‘Clash of the Clans style strategy Game, and an iconic Porsche racing team.

The Movie - Antara

Antara Movie NFT Video

Antara Movie

the history-making NFT

'Antara' is the first major movie in history finded by NFTs ‘Swords and Sandals’ Hollywood epic. It is the true story of a black slave who rocketed to stardom in the 6th century, as he won his freedom, and became most famous and revered knight of Ancient Arabia. Paralleled only with the legend of Achilles or Alexander the Great, to this day, his life and legacy speaks of bravery, heroism and above all, his burning desire for his love, Abla.

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Road Map

Antara Movie NFT Drop
Lamborghini, Rolex and Gold Bar giveaway upon selling out
Arabian Camels 2.0 are unleashed.
Location scouting in the desert?!
Casting call, Time for Auditions
Yield farming starts for Antara Movie NFT holders via Swapp Protocol.
Antara play to earn raiding game being made in partnership with vEmpire DDAO protcol. (Lease your NFTs to players)
Antara Gaming token launch. Air drop for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Arabian Camels holders
Launch of the Antara, Play to earn game
Lights, action, cameras. Come on set and meet the cast and crew.
Red Carpet. Whose coming to the Premiere?Cannes?
Box office / streaming / Blockchain distribution.
We have done one of the most significant things of this era. The world is our oyster
Doing it all again


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