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About us

The Arabian Camels is the original collection of 12,012 NFTs that dropped in May 2021. It was the first NFT project to conceptualize the merging of NFTs with the world of movies, offering utility where holders can get parts in the movie, producer credits or come on set with cast and crew. Now Introducing Phase 2 of the project, in addition to rolling out an international merch and brand strategy, the Camels are now launching 'The Antara Movie NFT' (aka Arabian Camels 2.0) so the community can also be part IP rights holders of the Antara movie.

The Arabian Camels is all about the democratisation and decentralization of the movie business. As we introduce the world to a new system of DeFi movie production, we present a clean and streamlined system where movies can be made without interference from Hollywood. Our mission is to get rid of the things we hate about the movie business, and magnify the things we love about the movie business.

Given the freedom of ‘true’ creative expression, movies have the power to completely light up the world. Our vision is to create a whole new platform and ecosystem where creators, producers, digital artists, and communities can collaborate to light up the world in a whole new way.

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The price 1ETH for part IP rights ownership of the film via NFTs. Ownership of an original Arabian Camel is required to get on the presales list.

  • Part own IP rights of the movie to be able to partake in Box office and streaming revenues
  • Get to be part of Hollywood and NFT history and own the digital collectable
  • Get an acting role in the movie
  • Get Movie Producer Credits
  • Get to come and hang out with cast and crew on set in the desert
  • Get to come location scouting with production team
  • Get exclusive invitations to the movie premier and red carpet event
  • Get real life experience in the movie business

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Michael Terpin

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Josef Brandmaier

"The impact that this will have on Hollywood is immense. This is an exciting and revolutionary move that will inject a whole new lease of life into the movie business"

Stuart Sutherland

Doing a feature film as an NFT, no-one has done it before, it's absolutely ingenious

Matthew Joynes, Producer

SC Films supports filmmakers making the artist journey to realize a films full commercial potential: Antara is the first Hollywood budget film as a NFT. Antara is innovative and disruptive to the established order of financing which is controlled by a small oligopoly in Hollywood ; the democratization and decentralization is long overdue"

Arabian Camels

The iconic Arabian Camels were one of the most popular NFT drops of 2021 with a phenomenal community.

  • Arabian Camels to launch their own merch line in 2022
  • The Antara Play to earn game is being made in an exclusive partnership with Vemp
  • Arabian Camels holders get access to all of the fun movie utility
  • While the Antara Movie NFT holders will own rights in the movie, the gen 1 Arabian Camels are to become gamified and it gives special benefits but its not required to play in the P2E game
  • This is to enable Arabian Camels to also derive significant value from the mateverse and booming gaming sector.
  • Arabian Camels can earn from playing the game, or, earn passive income from leasing their Arabian Camels NFTs to other gamers.