The first digitally syndicated Motorsport in history, co-owned by celebrities, influencers and motorsport fans from around the globe.


Arabian Camels Porsche Racing team is the first Motorsport team to be co-owned by celebrities, influencers and motorsport fans from around the globe - Digitally Syndicated through blockchain. We own the advertising space on our Porsche together, which can be sold on the secondary market, and grant a flurry of motorsport utility throughout the race seasons.


  • - Co-own the Porsche Team
  • - 10% off all hotel bookings on Expedia for all Arabian Camels Porsche club members
  • - Tickets to Formula 1 track side on a yacht for a selected number of NFT holders
  • - Tickets to watch Porsche Supercup in Italy, Monaco, Hungary, Netherlands, Austria, and the United Kingdom for a selected number of holders
  • - NFT holders / Co-owners can get one to one lessons on race track with professional race driver.
  • - Meet the driver
  • - Garage tour
  • - Price $100
  • - Supply 2,000


The team is co-owned, financed and digitally syndicated via blockchain, and rewards an army of Motorsport fans, Celebrities, Influencers and Co-owners of the team for sharing content and promoting the visibility of the team, and sponsors logos throughout social media on a share2earn basis. The more Fans, Celebrities and Influencers that join the team, the more they earn as they market, and the greater the sharing capability, strength, visibility, exposure and ultimate PR value of the team.


The Porsche Supercup is an international racing series supporting the Formula One World Championship. Porsche Supercup drivers have been competing for over 30 years, in identical Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars. The Porsche Supercup is the highest ranking championship in Porsche racing and races 2 hours before the Grand Prix on the same race circuit. It enjoys the same backdrop of the Formula One Monaco, Imola and Silverstone etc, and has exposure to the same energetic crowds who have gathered for the Formula 1.


Arabian Camels have launched their own team co-owned by celebrities with a collective following of over 70 million. Our concept is designed to create a brand new form of marketing power and visibility that could even rival that of Formula 1, for a fraction of the cost. Our community are rewarded for creating and sharing content about our team and showing our sponsors logos, links and tags with calls to action. If you are interested in sponsoring our Porsche team or partnering with us, email us at